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We allow our customers to make confident, data-driven decisions that accelerate their organization’s growth.

Vector Processing

High Concurrency

CPU Cache Maximization

Columnar Storage


Separation Of Compute & Storage

Unlock the power of your data

Easily connects to any source with codeless, low-code, and pro-code options, catering to users of all skill levels.

High Performance.

Surprisingly low cost. No tradeoffs.


Less costly than other providers


Faster than other providers

Data management as you like


Easily unify, transform, and orchestrate your data pipelines.

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Take charge of your data journey, from transactions to integrations to warehousing and analytics.

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Select the cloud provider that aligns most effectively with your business needs:

Scale with ease and make data easy to use, wherever it lives. Take advantage of Actian and Google Cloud’s strategic partnership.

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Confidently get more value from your data and accelerate growth. Launch your journey to AWS with Actian.

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Get the power and speed you need in the cloud, along with trusted results. Optimize Microsoft Azure with Actian.

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